All-Natural Deodorant Stick
Formulation 01-26

Silky smooth for all over application and a powdery, dry finish. Lightweight and fast absorbing with the moisturization power of a cream.

Phaselngredients (Trade Name)%wt/wt
ACoconut Oil
AStearyl Alchol
BGlycolipids (ACS Sophorolipid)
BZinc Polyitaconate
BPolyglyceryl Polyricinoleate
CSolanum Tuberosum (Potato) Pulp Extract (TeraSorb)
Phaselngredients (Trade Name)%wt/wt
ACoconut Oil45
AStearyl Alchol15
BGlycolipids (ACS Sophorolipid)1
BZinc Polyitaconate2
BPolyglyceryl Polyricinoleate4
CSolanum Tuberosum (Potato) Pulp Extract (TeraSorb)30

1. Combine and gently heat phase A to 65°C.
2. Pre-mix phase B until emulsified and add to heated phase A.
3. Remove from heat, add phase C and mix until uniform.
4. Pour into molds and allow to cool to room temperature.

Physical Properties: Solid white stick

Stability: 45°C: passed 3 months

F/T: passed 3 cycles

Sophorolipid ​
Glycolipid technology is all- natural and label- friendly

Ultra-gentle yet powerful bio- surfactant

Converts to Sophorolactone on the skin for moisturization and protection

Unique native starch from the potato plant that absorbs water for instant sweat absorption


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