Aging & Actives

TeraCeutic™ TXVector
TeraCeutic TXVector is the first of its kind anti-aging depigmentation active for a naturally even skin tone. Studies showed reduced redness in two weeks and...
TeraCeutic™ Visilift
Derived from peach gum resin, this active instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for up to 8 hours a day. TeraCeutic Visilift...
TeraCeutic™ AquaGlucan
Deeply hydrates the skin and locks in hydration to prevent moisture loss. TeraCeutic AquaGlucan provides immediate and long term moisturization benefits AquaGlucan is 100% naturally...
TeraCeutic™ Ferment
Natural fruit acid and a keratolytic agent from fermentation. Contains natural AHA and BHA acid.
TeraBond™ is a reactive system that covalently bonds to amino acids and keratin fragments in human hair, including broken disulfide linkages, and is a natural,...
Keraplast Cynergy TK™
Optimized topical keratin that reverses the effect of long term skin damage and age signs while protecting the skin from future damage.
Keraplast FK Repair Ultra™
Exclusive oxidized keratin from all-natural New Zealand wool. Most efficient functional keratin for bonding, repairing the hair and improving strength.
Keraplast FK Restore™
Functional keratin derivatives from all-natural New Zealand wool. Proven efficacy in restoring hair strength, repairing bonds, and healing over-processed hair. Full-spectrum hair care and hair...
Keraplast FK Scalp™
Optimized blend of functional keratins to promote scalp health and full-spectrum scalp care. Improved hair anchorage.
Salixin glucoside active ingredient for anti-inflammation in skincare and oral care products. Made from sustainably fermented Danish willow bark.
TeraSerum™ Yerba Mate ILOX+
TeraSerum Yerba Mate ILOX+ is a microencapsulated botanical extract for the delivery of natural polyphenols. It is extracted with water and encapsulated to powder with maltodextrin...
TeraCeutic™ CSA
High efficacy, low irritation, keratolytic agent
High purity bio-actives from New Zealand’s long-living Totara tree.


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