Actera Ingredients is a growing entrepreneurial supplier whose principals have years of experience servicing the most exacting multinational consumer products companies as well as the fastest moving brands in indie beauty.

Daniel Winn
Founder & Managing Director

Dan's expertise is at the interface of chemistry, sustainability, and emerging trends in consumer health & wellness. For twenty years he has been involved in fine chemicals, natural products, and cosmetic ingredients in the US and globally.  Dan is an advocate of safe, natural, green chemistry, and has a passion for supporting new brands that are changing the face of the beauty marketplace. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering.


Lorraine Lampe
Director of Formulation Science

Lorraine brings a decade of experience in ingredient technology and formulation development. She has led teams that have introduced some of the most important innovations in alternative preservation, sun-care, and natural functional materials for the cosmetic market. Lorraine's formulation and technical troubleshooting skills make her an outstanding resource to fast-moving brands eager to break new ground in the industry. Lorraine has a BS in Chemistry.